We’re IntelliCentrics, provider of SEC3URE – the industry leader in Healthcare Industry Representative credentialing. We’ve developed the most comprehensive healthcare policy compliance management solution available.

At IntelliCentrics we simplify the practice of your access policies by providing resources and tools to help you make your operations safer. Organizations use our services to convey policies, obtain and manage healthcare industry representative credentials and extend access privileges to visitors of all types. There’s a reason we’re considered to be experts in healthcare industry representative credentialing. We’ve been doing it longer than anyone in the industry. Every day we’re developing new and innovative ways to ensure the safety of our clients’ staff, customers and visitors.

We have built our reputation on providing technology and services in healthcare, one of the most complex and highly regulated industries. More than 6,500 hospitals and more than 450,000 members use SEC3URE

At the core of IntelliCentrics is the service we provide our customers. That’s why we have a customer service team dedicated to ensuring you maximize the benefits of the service and to understand the latest healthcare industry representative credentialing requirements and standards.



SEC3URE has the most rigorous processes and standards in the healthcare industry representative credentialing industry. As representatives submit their credentials, we use our industry-leading credentialing process to check their qualifications for accuracy.


With SEC3URE, you control who has access to what areas in your hospital. You set the credentials required for each area and use SEC3URE to store and manage them. Using our role-based credentialing system, you grant access privileges to the areas you choose only after healthcare industry representatives meet your safety and security requirements.


Healthcare hospitals rely on SEC3URE for our vigilance, forward thinking and ongoing commitment to safety. We are dedicated to being the best at improving security and compliance through training, certification and verification.


SEC3URE is the requested and referenced standard for Healthcare Industry Representative credentialing. Since our inception, we’ve been guiding the industry towards uniform standards and practices.