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“Credentialing is a process which provides formal accreditation of attainment of competences (which include knowledge, skills and performance) in a defined area of practice, at a level that provides confidence that the individual is fit to practise in that area in the context of effective clinical governance and supervision as appropriate to the credentialed level of practice.”

   Department of Health’s Credentialing Steering Group, April 2010

SEC3URE helps hospitals implement and enforce, and Commercial Visitors to maintain compliance with, safety and security policies.

Provided by IntelliCentrics, SEC3URE is a secure, web-based solution that enables hospitals to quickly and simply check the credentials of Commercial Visitors. It allows the hospital to monitor and enforce hospital access policies and to set specific criteria for entry to different areas of the hospital.

SEC3URE is the most comprehensive policy management solution available with over 8,500 installed hospitals and over 500,000 registered members.

All Commercial Visitors can create a free, no-commitment Base Subscription which provides a range of benefits. If the hospital’s policies require Commercial Visitors to submit credentials then the Commercial Visitors will need to upgrade to a Premium Subscription, which has an annual fee.

There is no cost to the hospital in either scenario.

Once a hospital’s safety and security policies have been loaded onto the system, SEC3URE communicates these with the relevant Commercial Visitors and also ensures they are kept continually updated with any changes.

If credentials are required, Commercial Visitors submit these to SEC3URE. These are then checked to ensure the right individuals have the correct credentials in place for the level of hospital access they require, in line with specific hospital policies or procedures. SEC3URE manages this process, in its entirety, on behalf of the hospital and updates the system accordingly.

When a Commercial Visitor arrives on site, the hospital simply logs on to the SEC3URE portal to view an immediate summary of the Commercial Visitor’s level of compliance with their policies. The system also enables the hospital to print a time and date stamped photo identification badge for the Commercial Visitor to wear for the duration of their visit.

This means that at any given time, hospitals know exactly who is on site, who they are visiting, and that they comply with the hospital’s safety and security policies for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors.

Safeguarding patients

Using SEC3URE, hospitals can be sure that individual Commercial Visitors have the right credentials, including immunisations and professional certifications, to visit restricted or patient-sensitive areas. This can help significantly in avoiding the spread of disease or infection to safeguard patient health.

Enforcing policies

All hospitals set their own protocols regarding safety and security policies. SEC3URE is a flexible system that enables hospitals to easily input and update their criteria, communicate these with Commercial Visitors, and check the Commercial Visitors meet the required standards.

Saving Hospitals time and effort

SEC3URE enables hospitals to easily communicate their policies to their entire associated Commercial Visitor population and track compliance. SEC3URE takes on all of the data entry and document management responsibilities on behalf of the hospital and all of this is done at no charge to the hospital.

Saving Commercial Visitors time and effort

SEC3URE enables Commercial Visitors to easily demonstrate their compliance with each hospital’s policies and to stay informed about the latest policies and requirements of each individual hospital. This can significantly streamline the compliance process, saving time and effort.

Also, once a Commercial Visitor’s details are securely uploaded to SEC3URE, their details can be viewed by all participating hospitals that the Commercial Visitor has cleared to view their profile. This means Commercial Visitors do not have to spend time contacting each hospital individually.

IntelliCentrics, works hand-in-hand with hospital trusts to create bespoke solutions. This includes working closely with hospital employees and medical staff to inform and educate them about the service and its benefits.

A dedicated support team is on hand at all times to help with initial service set-up and provide on-going support for both hospitals and Commercial Visitors.

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