Your world. Safer.


Your world. Safer.


Your world. Safer.


Everything we do at IntelliCentrics is driven by one, unified goal:

to make your world safer.

To truly provide quality patient care, a healthcare institution must ensure a safe and secure environment. IntelliCentrics simplifies your privileging, policy compliance and enforcement by providing resources and tools to help facilities make their operations safer. We are the global leaders in assisting hospitals to improve staff, patient and visitor safety by ensuring commercial visitors comply with their policies on safety, duty of care and clinical governance. We are trusted by over 6,500 healthcare facilities to convey and manage acceptance of, their policies, obtain and manage credentials and extend privileges to visitors of  all types. As the provider of SEC3URE, the most trusted healthcare policy  compliance and enforcement service globally,  we pride ourselves on our  unparalleled track record of vigilantly assisting hospitals to improve the health and safety of their patients and staff.

                           10,000+ Facilities Protected

                       550,000+ Members’ Compliance Status Managed

                    10,000,000+ Credential Documents Processed


As providers of state-of-the-art security technology, with numerous industry firsts to our name, we continue to lead the industry in delivering forward looking security solutions for our customers.


Securing a hospital by locking all the doors is not an option, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know, and easily manage, everyone who enters. With SEC3URE, you can apply your policies universally to all those working in or visiting your hospital. Just leave the infrastructure, technology, administration, credentialing, and monitoring up to us.

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Thorough. Rigorous. Secure.

Credentialing Helps You Protect Patients and Your Bottom Line

The cost of credentialing is significant, but not credentialing could cost your hospital even more. Download the white paper to find out why.

Risky Business? Can Your Hospital Afford Not to Have a Credentialing Program?

A comprehensive credentialing program costs an average-sized hospital £600,000 a year. However, the cost of NOT credentialing can be five times as great. Download the infographic to learn more.

Improve the Safety and Security of Your Hospital Through Vendor Privileging

Learn how LDS Hospital, Ellis Hospital and The Nebraska Medical Center utilized vendor credentialing to improve patient safety.

 Benefits of SEC3URE

Benefits for Healthcare Facilities

Help safeguard patient and staff health/safety

Manage access to sensitive areas in compliance with your safety and security policies

Empowered procurement

Enforce procurement policies by managing who is on your site, where they are going and who they are seeing

Peace of mind

A proven service, safeguarding over 6,500 facilities. An unparalleled track record of service delivery, without a single go-live date missed, ever

No-charge solution for hospitals

No specialist IT equipment required

The service that fits around you and your working methodology

Completely bespoke configuration to fit your zone and credential requirements

Assists informed decision making

Through powerful reporting capabilities

Support, how and when you need it

With a dedicated, named Concierge Manager

Continual Innovation

Having set numerous industry firsts, our Innovation Roadmap will ensure your service goes from strength to strength

Benefits for Commercial Visitors

No-charge Base Subscription

This level covers 70% of our users and has no charge. You can perform policy acceptance and meet hospital compliance requirements for general zones such as procurement offices and administrative zones

Premium Subscription

For the 30% of members for whom the no-charge Base Subscription does not suffice, a single annual subscription fee (if applicable) covers the member for all IntelliCentrics-enabled facilities globally. There are no additional charges.

Peace of mind

Confidence that your credentials will be processed properly and on time. We have processed over 9,000,000 credential documents, for over 450,000 members, without missing a single SLA, ever

Stay updated on hospital access policies

With immediate alerts as and when any new requirements or changes are made by your chosen hospitals

Easily demonstrate your policy and procedure compliance

Credentials pre-checked automatically by the system, not manually by hospital staff, for fast sign-in

Full control over who views your details

Simplified on-site sign in process

Via manned kiosk, self service kiosk and mobile app

Dedicated support how and when you need it

With a dedicated telephone support team

No-charge Base Membership

For policy acceptance and credential requirements review