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Recognizing Excellence
in Vigilance.

With the countless number of visitors entering and exiting a hospital everyday, maintaining a safe environment for patients and staff is a daunting, highly complex task. It requires more than a comprehensive compliance management system, it demands a team committed to managing that system without compromise. The 5 Rings Award recognizes those organizations that have created a culture of uncompromising vigilance and awareness, resulting in the safest possible environments for both patients and staff.

Judging Criteria

We ranked and scored all  SEC3URE facilities in our system based on the following criteria: The overall volume of site visitors, the level of tolerance for non-compliance, and the level of improvement in compliance score. Communication with staff and visitors on compliance expectations and the overall long-term reputation of the facilities were also factored into the decision making process. Contact us to learn more about the 5 Rings Award Program.

The 2013 5 Rings Award Winners – United States

Out of all the facilities reviewed, the following five facilities rose above the rest, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to safety and security.

boston-medical-center Boston Medical Center

Boston, Massachusetts

The 496-bed academic medical center implemented its vendor credentialing program in 2008. Managed by BMC’s Purchasing Department, the success of this initiative depended on the close working relationship with the Pharmacy to help identify sales reps that may have the wrong type of badge or were calling upon physicians without an appointment.
ellis-hospital Ellis Hospital

Operated by Ellis Medicine • Schenectady, New York

This 368-bed community hospital launched its vendor credentialing program in 2009. Key to the program’s success has been the cross-departmental involvement of the entire hospital – including its physicians, many of whom work closely with vendors. Ellis Hospital is part of Ellis Medicine, a 438-bed community and teaching healthcare system serving New York’s Capital Region.
lds-hospital LDS Hospital

Operated by Intermountain Healthcare • Salt Lake City, Utah

 In 2008, after a year of creating best practices and educating staff about how vendor credentialing can improve safety and security, this 217-bed community hospital joined the other 21 Intermountain Healthcare hospitals in implementing a system-wide program.
nebraska-medical-center The Nebraska Medical Center

Omaha, Nebraska

The 627-bed research and academic medical center implemented its vendor credentialing program in 2008 to better meet compliance requirements. In order to make the credentialing process less burdensome for area reps, the hospital coordinated with other hospitals in the region to select a vendor credentialing system to adopt.
u-cincinnati-medical-center University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Operated by UC Health • Cincinnati, Ohio

Ranked one of the best hospitals in the region by U.S. News & World Report, this academic medical center and level one trauma hospital, with approximately 600 beds, implemented its vendor credentialing program in 2009 to improve the safety of its patients as well as its associates, clinicians and vendors. The combination of utilizing customized compliance reports, ongoing communication with vendors, and the dedication of UC Health staff, have proven instrumental to the program’s success.

5 Rings Vendor Award Program

Safety is a priority for hospitals. Whether it’s developing protocols to prevent the spread of infectious diseases or following clinical best practices, hospitals are committed to creating a safe environment for both their employees and patients. But they can’t do it alone.

Healthcare facilities rely on the products and services of thousands of sales representatives, service technicians and post-acute care providers who have the potential for exposure to patients. Without their cooperation in complying with hospital policies and credentialing requirements, hospitals who maintain a culture of vigilance have a much more difficult task. The IntelliCentrics 5 Rings Vendor Award Program annually recognises the top five outstanding vendor representatives (out of our database of nearly 500,000) whose performance best combines the pursuit of excellence and vigilance.

Judging Criteria

Vendor representatives selected have proven their commitment to patient safety and customer service, often making multiple visits to their hospital clients every day to ensure they have the products and services they need. In addition to complying with hospital safety policies and credential requirements over the course of the year, winners received high scores from their hospital clients in areas such as customer service, subject-matter expertise and concern for patient safety.

Contact us to learn more about the 5 Rings Award Program.

The 2013 5 Rings Vendor Award Winners – United States

Michael Hannah

Medtronic, Inc. • Memphis, Tennessee

Scott Helfrich

Globus Medical, Inc. • Raleigh, North Carolina

Greg Novack

Aesculap, Inc. • St. Louis, Missouri

Tony Smith

Surgical Innovations, a Distributor for Orthofix and Novabone • Tulsa, Oklahoma

Linda Suriano, RN

Coram Specialty Infusion • El Paso, Texas


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