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The Nebraska Medical Center

Improving Patient Safety

Nebraska Medical Centre’s forward-thinking Compliance Department thought it was important for vendor representatives to meet the same immunisation and credentialing requirements as its employees. This information would help the hospital improve the safety and security of it patients and employees, as well as prevent infection.
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Ellis Hospital

Getting Everyone, Even Physicians, Involved

Colleen Norberg, Purchasing Manager for Ellis Medicine, said there were a lot of reasons why the hospital needed a credentialing programme. “Not only would it help our Purchasing Department control where vendor reps were going and who they were seeing, it would help improve patient safety demands by ensuring vendors have proper vaccinations and appropriate training.”
See how they solved this by getting everyone involved in improving safety and security. Click here to view the case study.

LDS Hospital

Help Prevent Suppliers From Sidestepping Procurement

LDS Hospital wanted to establish a credentialing programme to help prevent companies from sidestepping the Purchasing Department. The programme initially focused on credentialing suppliers and ensuring they were registered and had the required immunisations. However, the programme’s focus rapidly evolved from credentialing to making the hospital a safer place for patients, staff and suppliers.
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