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Why is my hospital choosing to credential commercial visitors?

Vendor credentialing has been recognized by hospitals as an integral service regarding regulatory compliance. The benefits of instating a credentialing program into the hospitals has been recognized by the Ontario Hospital Association, the BPS Supply Chain Secretariat and the Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN), to name a few.

There are two main reasons that are creating a demand for credentialing. One is the increasing necessity of meeting the standards for quality care. The second is the need for hospitals to control costs by more actively managing their vendors and limiting their exposure quality breaches.

This has led hospitals and healthcare facilities to ensure everyone walking through their doors is safe (have had a criminal background check) properly trained and immunized, thereby reducing risk to patients within their facilities and meet the standards of providing quality care.

Hospitals’ Occupational Health and Safety departments have always taken a proactive role in ensuring that contractors had the correct credentials. IntelliCentric’s web-based system drives the value of a credentialing program, particularly when it comes to regulatory compliance. Your hospital has deemed vendor credentialing services to be instated as a necessary measure in order to protect themselves, the patients and the vendors from avoidable tribulations.

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